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Cold storage refrigeration system equipment screw machine seal

by:Lepu Seal     2020-03-30
Basic concept of mechanical seal is a kind of used to solve the axis of rotation between the body and sealing device. It is formed by at least a pair of end face perpendicular to the axis of rotation in the fluid pressure and compensation institution stretch ( Or magnetic force) With the cooperation of role and auxiliary seal keep post merger relative sliding and prevent fluid leak device. Basic structure and function of mechanical seal is installed on the axis of rotation, tubular seal chamber with compensation ring 1, auxiliary seal ring 2 compensation ring, spring 3, 4, spring seat tight set screw 5, they are all with the axis of rotation, known as the compensation loop components. The other parts of the mechanical seal, not compensation ring 6, the compensation loop auxiliary seal ring 7 and 8, stop pin installed within the end cover and the body with stud bolt connection, which runs through the axis of rotation, out of touch with each other, and relatively static, known as the compensation loop components. Spring seat with the set screw on the shaft, and coil spring loaded on the steps of the spring seat and the compensation loop, by interference fit ( Our factory also use screw drive) Compensation ring rotates. Spring loaded make compensation loop with the compensation loop fit each other, constitute the seals. Compensation ring in contact with the shaft, but through its auxiliary seal bearing on the shaft. When the sealed cavity filled with fluid pressure, the figure 1 shows, has four leak point pressure fluid. Leak point 1 is the compensation loop and compensation loop contact between the end of the part as primary seal. Leak point 2, leak point 3 respectively in the compensation between the ring and the axis of rotation, the compensation between the ring and end cover, this area known as the auxiliary seal. Work, no obvious relative motion auxiliary seal ring, basically belongs to the static seal, and leaks point 4 does not belong to mechanical seal, it is in the end cover and the connection place of the body, often use o-rings or gasket to seal. Mechanical seal after installation, depending on the spring elasticity, to overcome the frictional resistance between the auxiliary seal ring on the shaft, the compensation loop end firmly stick to the compensation loop in the end. At this point, the presence of the initial closing force. When the host began to work, sealed cavity filled with fluid pressure, axial thrust, and produce a stronger seal face joint more closely. Due to the high flatness and roughness of small face, under the action of fluid pressure, have appeared on the relative sliding between the end face of boundary friction or half liquid friction state, significant enough to prevent the pressure fluid leak, achieve the primary seal.
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