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In Lepu Seal, Cartridge mechanical seal is assembled by the rotary ring, stationary ring, spring, secondary seal (O rings, PTFE), gland and other mechanical seal parts together as a collection. It is a kind of special mechanical seal for emu wilo pump. It is known as the cartridge seal and sometimes also called the cartridge mechanical seal.

The product consists of two very flat surfaces that are pressed together by a spring and slide against each other. It is composed of 1 set of seal face and has a simple sealing structure allowing people to manufacture and install easily. Generally, as one of the most commonly used mechanical type, it is used for the medium with good lubricity and allows a slight leakage. Compared with other seals, this product provides convenience for technicians to replace the packing and pump shaft seals.

Depending on the working condition, the frame is made of high-quality stainless steel ss304 or ss306. The client can choose different materials according to the working liquid of their pump, like carbon matching silicon, and for corrosive or chemical media, viton is a better choice.

In Lepu Seal, to satisfy different needs of customers, the product is offered with different shaft sizes ranging from 35mm to 70mm.

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