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automatic watches versus mechanical watches: what is the difference?

by:Lepu Seal     2020-01-14
The watch was invented in Switzerland centuries ago.
The first is a mechanical watch.
Then the automatic watch was invented.
Both types of watches are still in use today.
It is a matter of personal preference that you decide which type of watch to use.
How the mechanical watch works how the mechanical watch uses the energy of the wound spring.
They hold the time by a set of gears and an escapement device that is released by the energy adjustment of the wheel train.
The parts of the watch are all mechanical.
A clockwork can make the watch run for forty hours.
There are some designs that will last eight to ten days on one winding.
In order for the mechanical watch to work for a long time, it needs to be repaired regularly.
What is the history of mechanical watches? mechanical watches can be traced back to Peter Henlein (1480-1542).
The number of parts varies, but there are usually about 130 or more parts.
Some mechanical watches record the monthly phase and record the date and time every day.
What do they do when they serve mechanical watches? How often should you do the service? They make sure the parts are well lubricated.
They also make sure it doesn\'t have any dust, dirt or moisture.
The rule of thumb for repairing mechanical watches is to check the waterproof performance every year and repair the watches every three to five years.
Why do people get mechanical watches? Mechanical watches are made with fine craftsmanship, aesthetics and tradition.
This type of watch is made with excellent precision by the craftsman who assembled the watch.
How the automatic watch works in the automatic watch, the movement of the wrist and body makes the rotor rotate freely.
The movement of the wrist, or even a slight movement, causes the rotor to rotate back and forth in a circular motion.
The main spring is wound through the motion of the rotor.
The main spring is a coil spring that powers the watch.
The watch also needs to be repaired.
What is the history of automatic watches? The original rotor dates back to Abraham Lewis. Perrelet (1729-1826).
The modern rotor used in the automatic watch is developed by Rolex.
When Rolex was invented, Emily Borer, its chief, was praised.
What do they do when they serve an automatic watch? How often should you provide the service
Lubricate the watch and check the seals on the watch.
Check the seal every year.
The automatic watch should be repaired every three to five years.
Why do people get automatic watches, just like people get mechanical watches because of tradition and craftsmanship, people get automatic watches for the same reason.
When the quartz watch comes out, the mechanical watch and the automatic watch will fade.
However, about a decade ago, both types of watches began to be particularly popular among collectors.
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