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are you familiar with the oil seals?

by:Lepu Seal     2019-11-01
Are you familiar with oil seals?
To put it simply, it is an element used to seal oil.
It is an important part of various mechanical equipment.
Although it is small, it is widely used.
To some extent, its quality and performance directly affect the reliability of mechanical equipment.
The service life of some of these seals is one year.
Some can only be used for a few months.
These seals are easy to stop using due to oil leakage.
Therefore, the working efficiency of mechanical equipment is seriously affected.
At the same time, the production cost is increased and the environment is polluted.
Generally speaking, the working principle of Oil Seal is very simple.
Under free conditions, the inner diameter of the oil seal lip is smaller than the inner diameter of the shaft ring.
Its contraction range.
After this seal is installed, the interference pressure and shrinkage force will generate a radial thrust on the rotary shaft.
When the seal is running, under the influence of the radial thrust, the lip of the oil seal will form a sealing band.
Under the pressure of lubricating oil, the fluid penetrates into the cutting edge of the oil seal to form a layer of lubricating oil film.
Oil layers can prevent oil leakage and play an important role in sealing performance.
During the operation, there are many factors that lead to oil leakage.
Poor sealing of this seal is the main factor.
When the shaft is seriously worn and there is a groove on the shaft, the oil seal will lose its sealing capacity.
Even with the replacement of new oil seals by people, the sealing performance still cannot be improved.
When the contact pressure between the lip and the shaft decreases, the shrink range becomes very small, so the tightness becomes very weak.
How to solve the above-
The above questions will be described below.
First, master the basic methods of oil seal knowledge.
People can then identify quality and functionality.
2. Regularly check and maintain this seal.
As far as we know, oil seals are often used under harsh working conditions.
The temperature varies greatly and there is a lot of dust in the environment.
It\'s easy for people to lose service if they don\'t check them.
Third, if the shaft ring is seriously worn, or if the rubber of this seal is aging, the relevant parts shall be repaired or replaced immediately.
4. Unused oil seals should be kept properly.
Otherwise, the seals are easily stained with dust or greasy dirt.
Then they\'re out of service.
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