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an app to clean the world\'s water?

by:Lepu Seal     2019-10-28
Camden, Maine (CNN)--
Water pump can save lives-
But only when they work.
This is a seemingly obvious idea behind a new smartphone app called Flow, which allows people in the developing world to take pictures of the pump breaking down.
These pumps will not work when you see these details.
A considerable percentage-
Maybe 30% to 45%--
Water pumps installed by the United Nations, United StatesS.
The International Development Agency and various non-profit development organizations have been dissolved in about a decade, according to Ned Braislin, CEO of the \"Water for the people\" organization, it released the Android app at the PopTech conference in Maine.
The group that installed these pumps is usually not aware that they are broken, braisling said.
Or, they turn a blind eye to the problem and tend to tell a positive story about how many pumps they have installed and how many people get clean water because of these pumps.
The consequences of this short-sighted may be terrible.
Breslin tells the story of a woman named Maria who is his friend in Mozambique, her 3-year-
A pump broke down and the old son died after drinking untreated water.
Breslin recalled that immediately after the boy\'s mother found him dead, she drove her home.
They passed by the broken water pump in the driveway and she stared at it as if it were the devil ---
The killer killed her child, he said.
\"We can no longer just listen to happy stories,\" he said . \"
He said the smartphone app designed on the Android platform will help day-to-day and field workers solve problems in the installed water supply system.
New financial plans and technologies should perhaps be able to help remote villages take care of these foreign water treatment systems so that their assistance is not just temporary, he said. The Flow app --
This is the first letter of \"on-site operation observation--
The group\'s website is only available, but it should be released in Google\'s Android Market app store within a month, braisling said.
Flow is the digital version of the inspector\'s clipboard.
People who come into contact with the pump can snap their photos, fill out questionnaires designed to show how they work or don\'t work, and record GPS coordinates.
Other apps are designed to use geo-tagged data.
For example, SeeClickFix allows people to report problems with urban infrastructure, from potholes on roads to problems with Metro vehicles.
An app called the Noah project enables citizen scientists to take pictures and log information about nature and wildlife that professional scientists can use in their research.
Information from Flow is stored in a person\'s phone and then in their next contact with high-
Fast mobile connection or Wi-
Fi, says Breslin.
He said people who only send text messages can also send basic reports, noting that smartphone prices in East Africa are falling.
Traffic can be replicated by other non-profit organizations and other purposes--
He said, for example, the effectiveness of protecting the environment or planning health care.
He said that all data is public and can be downloaded, so universities can use crowdsourcing pump data to study the effectiveness of aide groups.
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