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all about rubber o - ring -

by:Lepu Seal     2020-02-14
A ring refers to a mechanical gasket shaped like a ring surface, also known as a Toric joint.
It is usually made of rubber and is very popular under the name of rubber O-Ring.
This mechanical gasket is an elastic material (rubber)
There is a circular cross-loopsection. Rubber O-
The ring is designed to fit the groove.
It can also be compressed, creating a seal between two interfaces that can be fixed to each other.
Application of rubber O-Ring Rubber O-
Rings can be used in both static and dynamic applications.
Both mechanical washers work well.
It can effectively withstand the relative movement that occurs between the parts it seals.
Example of rubber O-
The rings in dynamic applications include the hydraulic cylinder piston and the rotary pump shaft.
This seal is widely used in the application of extreme environmental conditions such as high pressure and temperature.
Advantages of rubber O
Ring * This seal is commonly used in most machines because it is cheap compared to most other types of seals. * Rubber O-
Rings are also easy to make and can be made at low cost and production requirements.
* It is very reliable and can effectively seal the surface of the application. * Rubber O-
The ring is also easy to install and can be easily mounted on the surface designed to hold it.
* This seal is also easy to maintain and also very durable. * Rubber O-
The ring is specially designed to fit in both directions and provides a tight seal for the joints.
* Round Cross
Part of rubber O
The ring exposes the minimum surface area, which helps to enhance resistance to wear and mechanical damage caused by environmental factors. * The cross-
Part of rubber O
The ring is suitable for angular, axial and radial extrusion and is very durable.
* This seal is also very flexible and can be adjusted easily.
* This ring does not require a bulky and expensive support structure to support it. * Rubber O-
The ring does not require an adhesive or any special method to assemble it on the joint.
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