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a homemade water pump

by:Lepu Seal     2019-12-23
This is a small water pump.
It operates at a three volt DC voltage and has many uses.
To cool down TEC, I did this in the water dispenser.
It runs well and has no problems in the three months I \'ve been through.
How does it work?
In order to understand this pump, you must understand the principle of bonuli;
The pressure decreases as the fluid speed increases.
But what does this have to do with the pump?
For those who don\'t know, air and water are a fluid with an impeller inside the pump.
The impeller begins to move the air quickly, causing the pressure to drop.
The low pressure inside causes the water to be drawn out of the tube at the bottom and shot out from the side. Simple.
How did you do it?
I thought of the idea when I looked at the cap and it was very simple and just needed to work.
First of all, I took a bottle and cut off my neck.
I then found a small point in the center of the lid, drilled out for comfort, and the lips held out the motor close to the spindle.
Then I stuck the motor to the lid so it aligned with the hole.
Then I took a \"tall sheet of aluminum\" about 1/4 long \".
I cut it into 4 1/2 segments and bend them in half to form a 90 degree angle.
I stick together four pieces of metal heat to form a plus sign.
Then I stick it to the motor spindle and make sure it is centered.
Next run the motor to make sure it is well balanced, if not rearranged before balancing.
Then cut two 1 \"long copper tubeNext, drill a hole of the same size as the tube on the side of the cap, and then glue with hot glue.
Make sure the impeller still rotates freely and DOSNT hits the tube. This is very important, then cut a small piece of plexiglass and drill a hole in it that is the same size as the tube.
Stick this hot glue to the bottom and you\'re done!
Notice: Due to this IN-
The line pump must work, and there must always be water in the line.
Connecting the pump to the resident war will help to resolve this issue.
Edit: XDleader555 made a note! (
I\'m too lazy to do this)go visit here!
Edit: agoI was walking around for this pump in my trash box a few days ago. I found it. . .
Broken: \\ the main shaft of the motor has rusted and frozen in place. . . . damn.
I am currently looking for another motor, so if anyone is really planning to do so, try looking for a motor with aluminum ingot.
Or just buy a pump, but, hey, it\'s not a simple purchase. :)
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