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4 ways to minimize hydraulic cylinder failure and repair costs

by:Lepu Seal     2020-04-24
As a product group, hydraulic cylinders are almost as common as a combination of pumps and motors.
Therefore, if you operate a large number of hydraulic equipment, the cost of cylinder maintenance is likely to be an important part of your total operating cost.
According to some studies, up to 25% of mechanical equipment failures are design failures.
If we apply it to the hydraulic cylinder, then one of the four cylinders is not fully designed for the application they are running.
That doesn\'t mean the cylinder can\'t do the required work, it will-
But life is not acceptable.
So if you have any cylinders that you don\'t like, you may need to solve one or more of the following four problems: 1.
The bending of the cylinder rod may be caused by the rod diameter or insufficient material strength, improper installation of the cylinder or the combination of these three.
Once the rod is bent, place the deformation load on the rodseal.
This increases the leakage and eventually causes premature failure of the seal.
In an existing application, the allowable rod load of the cylinder can be checked using the Euler formula. 2.
The surface finish of the rod has a significant effect on the life of the rod seal.
If the surface roughness is too low (smooth)
, Due to insufficient lubrication, the sealing life can be reduced.
If the surface roughness is too high, the entry of contaminants increases and will result in unacceptable leakage after the rod is sealed.
In the context of extending the service life of the cylinder, treat the surface of the cylinder rod as a worn surface of lubrication
The surface treatment is carried out accordingly.
In some applications, an alternative Rod surface treatment with superior mechanical properties than conventional hard surface treatment is used
Chrome, like nickel-
Chrome-plated or high-speed oxygen fuel (HVOF)
Metal spraying can increase the service life of the rod and its seals.
In some cases, in order to protect the surface of the rod and its seals from impact damage and contaminants, the installation of a shield or bellows can provide similar benefits for extended life. 3.
The expansion of the cylinder tube tubesballo is usually caused by the wall thickness of the cylinder working pressure and/or insufficient material strength.
Once the tube balloon, the correct tolerance between the piston seal and the pipe wall is lost, allowing for high
Bypass the pressure fluid of the seal.
This high-speed fluid erodes the seal and causes local heating due to the pressure drop on the piston, thus reducing the sealing life
The final result is that the piston seal fails prematurely. 4.
Insufficient bearing area if the surface area of the bearing (wear)
The straps on the gland and piston are not enough to fully support the side thrust transferred to the cylinder, and the load on the rod and piston seals is too large.
This results in deformation of the seal and ultimately premature failure of the seal.
Repair or redesign?
To sum up, not all hydraulic cylinders are equal.
Therefore, if you have any hydraulic cylinders that often fail, it is likely that you will need to modify the design to break the vicious cycle of failure and repair.
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