Mixed lubrication and sealing of mechanical seals-

by:Lepu     2021-04-10
Mixed lubrication and sealing of mechanical seal
Mixed lubrication and sealing of mechanical seals:
In 1965, the Soviet Union Grubeyev (roAy6eBA.n.) published three papers on liquid friction, semi-liquid friction and dry friction of customized high-pressure mechanical seals, and believed that these three existed in the use of mechanical seals. Kind of state. Among them, semi-liquid friction is the thermohydrodynamic wedge theory reported in China.
Grubeyev believes that the friction pair of a mechanical seal usually consists of a pair of metal rings and carbon graphite rings. On the sealing surface of the metal ring, there is a scratch network with a depth of several microns, which is formed during grinding. It can be considered that the carbon graphite sealing surface is smooth because it runs in with the metal ring.
Assume that the sealing end faces of the two rings are separated by a liquid film with a thickness of zero to one micron, and the distance between the scratches is a few tenths of a millimeter.  455.html,

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