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Design of high-speed mechanical seal

by:Lepu Seal     2022-01-24

Design of high speed mechanical seal
When designing a mechanical seal, a thorough investigation must first be carried out to obtain the design conditions and required parameters: 
1. The type of the host and the parts that need to be sealed. 
2. Working conditions. That is, medium pressure, medium temperature and shaft speed. The name, composition and properties of the medium to be sealed. Including density, viscosity, vaporization pressure, corrosiveness, suspended particles, etc. 
3. The allowable limit value of leakage. 
4. Shaft vibration and deflection. 
5. The structure of the sealing part. Including the size of (shaft or bushing), the structure of the sealing cavity, the inner diameter and depth of the sealing cavity, the assembly size of the sealing gland and the roughness of each surface. 
6. Auxiliary system situation. The temperature of the cooling water, whether it has the conditions for taking flushing and cooling measures, whether there is a filter device, etc. 
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